Goodbye Ambon (for now)

So we’re all done and dusted here, had a very succesful 28 dives, lots of familiar things & some cool new stuff not seen before.  Havent even left yet but looking forward to coming back & diving with Maluku Divers & their excellent guides (Soleman has the sharpest eyes of any guide i’ve seen – no critter too small !!)

One of the favourite fish here is this guy, a paddleflap rhinopias, looks like a genuine Jim Henson creation huh?


Edit: Maluku divers no longer exists, such a shame but thats politics for you.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Ambon (for now)”

  1. He reminds me of th character from the children’s book “Big Al”. I thinks the author’s name is Andrew Clemens (or Clements), if I remember correctly. Wonderful image!

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