Backup your drives

So I should be sitting here working but my main picture drive decided to have a major heart attack & die on me.  Currently running chkdsk and every segment is unreadable.  This drive has around 6 years worth of pictures on it and some other random  documents I need.  It is backed up, but can you imagine what that would feel like to lose it all?  And just in case you’re reading this & think it wont happen to me.  Maybe it will, maybe it wont, but it wouldn’t hurt to get an external drive & do a copy/paste once a week would it?

3 thoughts on “Backup!”

  1. I also have, in addition to hard drive backup, all photos and documents uploading to Google Drive. So they are always in the cloud. Very cheap too.

  2. I couldn’t agree more.
    At one time I started to back-up and archive to DVD but the subsequent access times for files is/was dire – so when I need to expand my storage again it will be to hard drives.

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